Member and Non-Member Shooting Rates


Become a Member!

We encourage you to join us as a member of our club!
Members enjoy lower prices on tokens & rates PLUS
receive member only specials!

Membership Fees
Yearly = $60. ~ Lifetime = $500.

Call the Pro Shop for details. (775) 882-9904

Gun Lockers

We have gun lockers
available for rent.

$10 per month

or $100 per year

Gift Certificates

Available in any
for purchase
in our Pro Shop.

Shotgun Rentals

$20.00 Various brands.

Available in our Pro Shop.

Safety Rules

Capitol City Gun Club takes safety and courtesy very seriously,

please read these rules carefully:

1. Keep your action open while carrying gun                                    
2. One shell in the gun at a time except doubles                               
3. No shells in the gun unless on firing line                                      
4. When changing stations, gun is unloaded/open                            
5. In event of delay - unload your gun                                              
6. Keep your gun pointed in a safe direction                                     
7. Always wear Ear and Eye Protection                                            
8. No shot larger than 7.5, Steel, or High Base                                 
9. Absolutely no alcohol to be consumed prior to or while shooting